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1x BSS DPR 504 Quad channel gate

Good condition, (but 2 knob caps missing) fully working

Price £250 ono

1x Klark Teknik Square ONE Dynamic

8 channel switchable compressor / gate. Good condition, (but a few small marks) fully working

Price £250 ovno

8 way insert loom

8 way 3m Van Damme cable with additional 50cm tails which have black braided sleeving. All connectors are labelled and are Neutrik stereo jacks on one end and Neutrik male and female XLR on the other end. Price of cable, connectors and labour each = £147.54, £295.07 pair Sale price (50% discount) = £73.77 each, £147.54 pair

This loom will be sold with Klark Teknik Square One Dynamic if required only. If it is not required when selling the KT Dyn, it will not be for sale

1 Desk to FX rack loom

16 way 5m Van Damme cable which joins the desk to the FX rack without having to use many cables. All connectors are labelled and are Neutrik and the tails are an additional 75cm each and have black braided sleeving. It consists of; 1 pair inserts for L+R 6 aux sends 4 aux returns 2 FX returns Price of cable, connectors and labour = £225.82 Sale price (50% discount) £112.91

Collection from Bath. I can deliver at 45p per mile ONLY IF I AM AVAILABLE. London will incur extra charges please ask about this.

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