PA Hire

Over the years I have lovingly built up a respectable PA system. I have been as versatile as possible being able to cover as many situations as I have come across. From a couple of speakers on sticks to a full band to seminars and conferences. As I have progressed I have acquired high quality equipment and so I am able to hire in extra gear to deal with any situation.

Over the last few years I have been freelancing for conferences and exhibitions, both locally and larger shows in London, Paris, Hamburg etc. I have added some AV equipment to my arsenal such as some attractive conical lecterns, a seamless video switcher and a few lights.

I recently purchased a new digital Soundcraft desk which can be expanded to accommodate a large band with many facilities, but is small in physical size.

Because the different jobs I am asked to do are so diverse, so is the price so please use the contact form to get a price for your particular event. I always try to give a good deal for top quality service.

Mark Burton Proprietor


Star Award Ceremony for Cornwall College 2014

With many years experience in the live music industry, Livewire also provides a professional AV service for the corporate world.

Livewire has worked for The Bath Literature Festival for many years and also for other companies doing sound for seminars, award ceremonies, exhibitions and conferences across the UK including ExCel and Olympia in London and also in Europe.

Livewire can offer a complete package for a small to medium conference or seminar in up to two rooms including a high quality PA system, radio mics, including face mics or tie clips, attractive conical lecterns, seamless video switcher system for presentations and comfort monitor, lighting, Tecpro comms system and also has access to staging and projectors of varying sizes to suit the venue. Livewire also has access to set to use as a backdrop for the complete professional touch if required.

High quality PA system

Livewire prides itself on having a good sound, and uses high quality equipment. If extra speakers are used towards the back of the room, Livewire has digital processors to properly delay the speakers. This eliminates any phase issues and the "railway station effect" you get if you just join all the speakers together. (If you add more speakers without knowing what you’re doing, you can also add problems!)

For award ceremonies, Livewire uses a software based "cart player" to play stings. The songs are preloaded onto the computer. The start point, volume and many other attributes are adjusted and each song, or sting is associated with a key on the keyboard of the computer. When the key is pressed the sting plays instantly resulting in seamless walk up music (without CD read errors and embarrassing pauses) complimenting the professional production.


Livewire owns 2 conical lecterns which look fantastic. On the top they have a document holder with an integral light for use with paper notes (or tablet) just big enough to fit two A4 sheets in portrait, side by side. This is easily removeable in case you need to use a laptop. It also has a lower shelf. All the cables etc can be hidden inside so it looks neat & tidy. They come covered in black felt as standard but can be recovered to match the colour scheme of the event.

Click on an image below to see a larger view;


The visual system for presentations consists of a Kramer seamless switcher/scaler with up to 8 inputs. CAT5 transmitters and receivers are used to connect distant laptops, projectors and/or monitors which allow the video signal to be transmitted up to 100 meters with minimal loss of quality.
There are many possibilities; The projector can be either at the back of the room, in front of the stage or behind the stage, and the presentation can be shown from the lectern or the tech position, normally at the back of the room and can be instantly switched between the two. Adaptors are available allowing different devices to be used including PCs, Macbooks, Macbook pros, any ipad or even iphone! There are many ‘tools’ used as video splitters, switchers and converters. A monitor can be provided as a comfort monitor on the stage which can either be a direct replica of the projector, which is useful for the presenter so they don’t have to keep looking around at the screen behind them, or it can be used to display the notes in presenter mode. Another screen can be provided on stage which dispalys a timer if required.
Livewire has a choice of projection screens for different situations including stand alone fast-fold screens which can be projected onto from the front or the rear


Livewire can provide six 650w fresnel lights to light the presenter, the top table and maybe a banner. Fresnels provide flat even light and have barn doors to eliminate overspill, resulting in lighting only the areas which need to be lit. They are controlled by the technician via a small desk. LED par cans are also available to light the set, or feature of the building etc. They can change colour as well as intensity, if necessary, all controllable by the technician. Extra lighting can be hired in if required.

Staging and set

There are many different venues which require different size staging at different heights, different projectors and set to fit a room. These are all hired in and are available through well established contacts if required.

PA/AV Hire Terms & Conditions



Vehicular access: The area where the van can be parked for unloading and loading which can accommodate a High top, LWB (Long wheelbase) Sprinter, (approx 6.6m long, 1.9m wide and 2.7m tall) or a larger vehicle if required

Parking: The area where the van can remain for the entire duration of the event whch must be safe, have no restrictions and can accommodate a High top, LWB (Long wheelbase) Sprinter, or a larger vehicle if required

The basic hire charge includes;
1.1    Equipment hire according to the current specification (available on request).
1.2    Equipment operation for an agreed time (at least 1 operator).
1.3    Necessary personnel to install and operate equipment (additional personnel may be required, see 2.3).
1.4    Local travel costs (up to 20 miles from Bath).

Additional charges will be made for;
2.1    Hire of additional equipment to the current specification if requested by the hirer.
2.2    Additional travel costs for distances greater than 20 miles from Bath.
2.3    Additional personnel if;
         2.3a       The vehicular access to the room, or area of the event is greater than 10 metres.
         2.3b       There are more than 2 steps in between the vehicular access and the room / area of the event including a threshold which will require wheeled equipment to be lifted.
         2.3c       The access between the vehicle and the room / area of the event is on uneven or soft ground causing difficulty for wheeled equipment to be moved. 

The hirer is responsible for providing;
3.1    Adequate mains level electrical power.
3.2    A safe & secure working environment, including solid level flooring for all equipment.
3.3    Appropriate and complete weatherproof covering for all equipment and personnel if the event is in the open air.
3.4    Full insurance (for equipment provided by Livewire) whilst being loaded, unloaded and for the duration that the equipment is installed at the venue of the event.
3.5    Back stage passes for Livewire personnel and limited guests as requested.
3.6    If the event finishes at or after 1am and is more than 50 miles from Bath;
         3.6a       Accommodation for all personnel
         3.6b       A secure room at the venue which is locked, preferrably alarmed and sufficient for the PA to be stored overnight or appropriate overnight security personnel.
3.7    Personnel to remain with the equipment for the entire time it is left unattended if the van has to be moved from the loading area to the parking area.
3.8    Please advise Livewire in advance of the parking situation if parking right outside the loading area is not allowed.

4.1    A provisional booking may be taken by telephone or in writing which will reserve the requested date for up to 7 days . After 7 days, Livewire will accept alternative engagements if the deposit / fee arranged has not been paid.
4.2    No part of the job is to be concealed from the job description.
4.3    Livewire reserve the right to change the specification of equipment without notice.
4.4    No promotional offer by Livewire shall be used in conjunction with another.
4.5    Livewire’s Terms and Conditions are applicable at the time of publishing.
4.6    Whether the booking form is signed and returned or not, these terms and conditions still apply.

Payment Terms
5.1    A deposit may be required.
5.2    The fee has to be paid in full at the end of the event, or
5.3    Invoices must be paid within 14 days of presentation.
5.4    There will be no refunds;
The hire charge is for hire and operation of equipment, not necessarily for a satisfactory result. This is because the end result can be subjective.
5.5    Cheques made payable to Livewire.
5.6    Direct bank transfer is preferred. The bank details will be provided on the invoice. (As a reference please quote the invoice number).

6.1    If the hirer cancels less than 7 days before the date of the event, deposits collected shall not be returned and a cancellation fee will be charged to amount to 50% of the total cost
6.2    If the hirer cancels less than 48 hours before Livewire is due to arrive, the full amount still applies.
6.3    Livewire reserve the right to cancel the booking in circumstances beyond our control, in which case the full deposits paid will be refunded.
6.4    Livewire may refuse to install, activate or operate any equipment if;
         6.4a       The venue or environment is deemed to be unsafe or insecure.
         6.4b       If in doing so, may cause unnecessary inconvenience  or damage to persons or property.
         6.4c       If in doing so, breaks the law.
In these circumstances, the full hire charge still applies.

Damage & Security
7.1    The hirer shall be responsible for the security of the equipment whilst installed in the venue. (see 3.4)
7.2    The hirer shall pay Livewire for any loss or damage of the hired equipment due to theft, negligence, misuse, malicious damage or any other reason  whatsoever excluding general wear & tear (if not caused by an employee of Livewire).